Top US Science Societies Urge Congress to Acknowledge Climate Change


Thirty-one of the largest U.S. science societies—collectively representing millions of scientists—sent a letter to Congress this week urging lawmakers to recognize Climate Change and take decisive action to combat it and its effects.

This 2-page-letter which landed on Congress’ doorstep as House lawmakers are maneuvering to block the Pentagon from spending money to implement its plan to adapt to global warming.

“The letter continues the decades-long efforts of the scientific community to persuade Congress to act on the climate crisis,” says Sarah Green, a chemistry professor at Michigan Technological University who studies climate change and who is affiliated with of several of the societies that signed the letter.

According to Jon Foley, executive director of the California Academy of Sciences he suggests that Scientists need to be more radical in their approach.  “We’re being bad scientists—not in how we look at our climate data but in how we look at our communication data.” He says scientists are wrong to hope that simply explaining the science again will change the minds of politicians who have not listened before.

The 31 groups, led by the American Association for the Advancement of Science, explains in brief the consequence of ignoring man-made carbon emissions and foretells a variety of threats ranging from extreme weather events to regional water scarcity, and an increase of events such as heat waves and wildfires.

In 2009, 18 of the 31 groups represented in this new letter had also previously sent a similarly-worded document with far less support.


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